Gone Forever? Missed Opportunities Explained




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    Lino Rossi

    Why is it not possible to receive credits when you already own the car and also be able to sell duplicate cars at a discount (something like a re-stocking fee 20-25%)?

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    Stuck on 44% so i cant get the Quartz Regalia even though i have done everything but playgrounds.

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    Ricky Benjamin Boogaards

    To whom it may concern

    My name is Ricky boogaards and I was in the auction house selling a few cars and came back 5 minutes later and forgot I was in the auction house still and went to choose a car to leave the garage with my car and accidentally sold my rare Ferrari 599xx evolution for only 135,000 someone bought it even before I was able to cancel when I never even wanted to sell that car. I did not collect the credits for selling the car because like I said I never wanted to sell it and also have taken a screenshot on Xbox so prove it. Can somebody please help me from turn 10 studios or playground games please, I've been a forza motorsports and horizon fan for a very long time and would appreciate if someone could help me get my car back PLEASE.

    Ricky Boogaards

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